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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Do you work directly with Home Owners or only with Realtors?  

A.  I work both with both Realtors and sellers.  For many top Realtors, I'm their 'on call' photographer for all of their listings.  Other times sellers hire me directly and give the pictures to the Realtor they chose to work with.  

Q.  Can you refer a Realtor for us to work with?  

A.  Yes I can refer a top Realtor in your area.  I would base my recommendation on your personality and the ensure that the Realtor has proven to me that they go above and beyond for their sellers. I have worked with agents from all the major firms and am happy to work with any Realtor you choose.

Q.  Who pays for your service?  

A.  It depends.  When a Realtor hires me for a listing they pay for my services.  When a seller contacts me it's up to the seller to work out who will be paying for the service.  Many sellers pay me directly at the time of the photo shoot and negotiate that the Realtor pays them back for the pictures at the closing table.  This way if you the you, the seller, switches Realtors during the sales processes you own the photos and can make the same arrangement for reimbursement with the new listing agent.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept.  

A.  I accept cash/checks at the time of the photo shoot or credit cards via a pay pal link.  Credit card payments incur a 4% processing fee.  

Q.  How do we receive the pictures that you take?  

A.  I will send you a link to my website within 24 hours so you can download the high resolution files to your computer to use however you wish.  You can also forward this link to your Realtor so they can use them in their marketing materials.

Q.  How many pictures do you take?  

A.  I take an unlimited number of photos when I'm at the home.  The MLS allows for 25 photos and with an average sized home I typically have more that 25 great photos for your Realtor to use.

Q.  How long does a photo shoot typically take?  

A.  It depends on how 'photo ready' the home is.  On average it takes me about an hour to properly photograph a home.  I will email either the seller or the Realtor with a document on how to 'stage your home on a dime or less'.  If the seller follows my suggestions the shoot will go much faster and the home will look its best for presentation to buyers.

Q.  What equipment do you use?  

A.  I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and I have 5 off camera flashes/strobes that help to properly light the interior of the home.

Q.  What services do you offer and how much does everything cost.  

A.  I offer professional photography and interactive floor plans.  


Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  Great question!  Here are my fees:

- Photography - $175

- Interactive Floor Plan Tour - $175  (sample)

- Package: Photography & Interact Floor Plan - $299