Experience the peacefulness and beauty of this home yourself with these videos.  Also, To View All Images Of The Home Please Click HERE.

* As videos are processed they will become available for preview.  Please check back if a video does not appear below.


This video was taken while standing in the front doorway of the home looking out.

This next video was taken at the rear of the home looking into the back yard.

This video was taken on the left side (if looking at house).  It shows the side yard/view and follows the path of the driveway up and down. 

This video was taken at the top of the 2nd driveway.  It shows the parking area, a view of the rear of the home (in the distance) and down the driveway.

This next video was taken at the base of the driveway (an additional parking area) looking up at the house.  It shows the 2 available driveways to access the home.  The driveway to the left is a perfect access point if you were to add a garage onto the house.  This 2nd driveway currently leads to a stoned parking area and a small shed.